Marine Carpet
  • Crusader
  • Trojan
Garage Carpet
  • Bastion
Hull Liner

Crusader and Trojan

Crusader and Trojan are 100% polypropylene specialty marine carpets, also suitable for a wide range of light commercial applications. Non-slip and water-resistant, these carpets are a cost-effective choice for the interiors and decks of small boats, outdoor decks, garages and commercial floor areas.

Crusader has soft velour finish and Trojan a classic broad-ribbed finish. Both come in a good choice of colours. Both these hard-wearing, low-maintenance carpets have a high degree of UV protection, making them resistant to fading and suitable for a wide range of outdoor uses, including boat decks, ramps and terraces.

Marine & Garage Carpet
Colour Range
  • Charcoal
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Blue
  • Ocean Blue
Crusader Product Specifications
Trojan Product Specifications
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue

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Bautex has the Bastion range of flat felt carpet which are suitable for Garages, Heavy Traffic Areas, Retail Outlets, and Offices.
Could also be used for tool sheds, gaming rooms, laundries. NOT SUITABLE FOR EXTERNAL USE.
Needlefelt is a very economical way to carpet garages, easy to install (direct stick to the floor) and very durable.

100% PP
Latex Backing
4m wide

Bastion / 03 /Blue
Bastion / 13 /Grey
Bastion / 16 /Brown
Bastion / 50 /Black
Installation Guide

Liner is suitable for lining and trims in the marine and automotive industry. It is a pliable unbacked carpet for lining boats, recreation vehicles and car interiors. It can be stretched to fit awkward spaces and helps to reduce noise, covers imperfections and provides a soft plush finish.

Thickness: 7.0mm
Pile Weight: 600 gr/sqm
2m wide

100% PP
Thickness: 7mm
Total Weight: 720gr/sqm
2m wide
2yr UV Warranty

Liner Quarry / 81
Liner Shale / 80