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Commercial Entrance Matting

Matting Product Ranges


Properties of the Alubrush

  1. Does not have to be measured to detail because it is cut to measure or to fit on site.
  2. 75 % of the aluminium is visible and 50 % has a scraping function.
  3. The textile part of the mat holds the aluminium and is super strong attached.

Dimensions:                       On the roll 3 m wide X 10 m long or cut to size

Thickness:                         13 mm

Weight:                              6 kg/m

Material:                             92% Nylon with 8 % Polypropylene

Application: :                      Inside or outside covered in a mat well or on top of an existing floor with edging.

Cleaning:                           Vacuum clean regularly.

Kind of traffic:                    High - any level of foot or lightweight wheeled traffic.

Colors:                               Brown and Grey


Debomat Alubrush

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Style and Traffic

2mt Wide Tufted
100% PP
Appox 10 mm thick
Total Weight 2320 g/m

Style 65/ Brown
Style 55/ Dark Grey

Traffic 40/ Red
Traffic 50/ Dark Grey
Traffic 70/ Light Grey

Veco, Liguria and Arco

2mt Wide
PVC Backed
Thickness: 7 - 10 mm
Safety Edge on 2 sides

Produced from products manufactured with a high UV resistant polypropylene fibre pile, backed with non slip PVC, no rot or mildew, easy to clean, hard wearing. Not for outdoor applications. These products have application in such areas as shops, schools, hotels, motels and offices.

Liguria 00/Black
Veco 93
Silverclean 80
Veco 94
Liguria 25/Grey

Throwdowns - Novawave and Calypso

2mt Wide
100% PP
Wafel Backed
Total Weight: 2127 g/m

Calypso 50/ Charcoal
Novawave 07/ Charcoal

Novawave also available in mats of the following sizes:

60 x 90 cm
90 x 150 cm
120 x 180 cm
Subject to stock availability.

Arco 55
Arco 30
Arco 40
Arco 80