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  • Anchorweld CA9 Carpet Tile Adhesive
A water based trowelable adhesive for bonding removable carpet tiles.
Anchor-Weld CA9 is a pressure sensitive adhesive which displays permanent tack once dry. Anchor-Weld CA9 is suitable for adhering carpet tiles including PVC and fibre backed tiles, and soft underlays to concrete, cement sheet or wooden subfloors.

  • TAC 202 Premium Spray Grade Contact Adhesive

A general purpose sprayable Polychloroprene contact adhseive. May be used to bond a wide range of materials including wood, ferrous and non ferrous metals, natural and synthetic rubbers, rigid and flexible polyurethane foams and other similar materials.

  • Anchorweld 101 Scraper Grade Contact Adhesive

A general purpose Polychloroprene based contact adhesive. Can be used for bonding a variety of materials including decorative plastic laminates, wood, rubber, metal, leather, fabrics and others.

  • Anchorweld Instant-PRO Synthetic Turf Adhesive

A solvent based synthetic grass and external sports surface glue, specifically formulated to bond hessian or open weave polypropylene backed synthetic grass to concrete, exterior grade timber and paved surfaces for interior and exterior conditions. Ideal for use around swimming pools, balconies and other out-door recreational areas.

  • Anchorweld CA3

A trowelable water based solvent free carpet adhesive with high initial grab and good early bond strength. It remains highly flexible and so is suitable for Double Bond and Direct Stick applications. Anchor-Weld CA3 bonds jute, Latex, Action Back, Woven, Foam back and needle punch carpet to concrete, wooden subfloors and foam underlays.

  • Anchorweld UF1

A water based trowelable adhesive for bonding most types of soft floor coverings - vinyls and carpets.

  • Carson Synthetic Grass Adhesive

A solvent-based synthetic grass and external sports surface adhesive

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  • Mapei Ultrabond ECO 120
Ultrabond ECO 120 is designed for the most broadloom carpet and felt-backed sheet flooring. It has been specifically crafted to provide ample working time for carpets with patterns as well as for the positioning of felt-backed vinyl sheet flooring

  • Mapei Ultrabond ECO 220
Ultrabond Eco 220 is a multipurpose adhesive designed for extra-heavy commercial applications such as airports, schools, hospitals and convention centres. It may also be used for double glue-down applciations. Ideal for needle punch carpets.

  • Mapei Ultrabond ECO TACK
A solvent-free non-staining acrylic-based adhesive designed to provide a permanently tacky film when dry, to allow the removal and replacement of carpet tiles when required.

  • Mapei Ultrabond ECO 300
Ultrabond Eco 300 is a hard-setting acrylic adhesive that develops a strong bond to limit floor movement, offers outstanding compatibility with vinyl floor coverings and will not stain. Ideal for LVT flooring.

  • Mapei Ultrabond ECO 350
Super adhesive for resilient floor coverings with very high bonding strength.
The adhesive to use for sheet vinyls.

  • Bostik Ultraset SF
Bostik Ultraset SF is a solvent free polyurethane elastomeric adhesive used to adhere most types of wood, parquet, solid strip, engineered bamboo and sheet timber flooring systems to flat concrete and timber subfloors, or over existing floors

  • Bostik No More Nails
Bostik No More Nails delivers a superb bond and is easy and fast to apply.

  • Adesilex G19
Two-part polyurethane adhesive for rubber and PVC flooring.
Use for bonding of:
tile or sheet rubber flooring (with flat-back or canvas imprint or stalk back) for interiors and exteriors, subject to heavy and intense traffic;
rubber flooring for athletic complexes (e.g. tracks);
homogeneous or composition vinyl or PVC foam backed flooring;
semi-flexible vinyl flooring;
rubber and PVC floors over existing flooring.